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Masturbators for men, also known as Guybrators, are rapidly evolving and more popular than ever. These so-called male ‘dildotronics’ work like a penis massager and are created for stimulating your penis and to give you the most breathtaking and mind-blowing orgasms. Just like female vibrators and dildos did 10 years ago, these automatic sexual toys for men are becoming more popular and mainstream.

There are many reasons to use one of these top-notch sex toys for men and they can vary a lot. Most men who use these adult toys wrote that they are not meant to replace actual intercourse, as they only intensify one’s masturbation sessions. Others wrote that these men sex toys also made their physical sexual relationships a lot more exciting.

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Experiencing pleasure during masturbation is only a small part of the fun when using male sex toys. The world of adult toys is an exciting place to be right now, as it collides with cutting-edge innovation, sex-technology and interactive pornography. Sex-technology refers to the use of haptic feedback in male sex toys to help communicate signals to the device remotely. Depending on which interactive sex toy is being used, it also allows for connection to an app or browser so interactive content providers, such as FeelXVideos, can be synced up.

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