The Handy Interactive Masturbator

$ 199.00

The Handy Interactive Masturbator $ 199.00


Always wanted to know what the ultimate handjob experience feels like? Unleash sensations you didn’t think you had in you with The Handy. Not only does the best all-around sex toy for men feature endless speed and stroke variations, but it also comes with a unique voice activation feature.

  • Truegrip system – From firm grip to soft touch, FEEL every stroke.
  • Control the stroke length – For the most intense orgasms (every single time).
  • Build-in ASMR technology – Spoil yourself with the hottest sensual sounds.
  • Wifi & Bluetooth smart control – You never have to experience sex alone again.
  • The Handy Masturbator is only available in the USA*
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With Handy, pleasure is
guaranteed (without disruption)

Adjust The Handy to your preferences, its unique design fits all sizes, maintains the speed of your choice, and makes you intensely FEEL every stroke while enjoying top-notch interactive porn. Enjoy without disruption with batteries that last forever.


These sleeves differ from the original Handy-sleeve, as these can either be used from the top or bottom hole, which will give a different feeling each. These sleeves,
contrary to the original sleeve, can also be flipped inside-out
which will be another, more soft, and bumpy feeling.

Easy cleaning

Like you are used to the original sleeve, these sleeves too can be very easily cleaned. Just rinse the sleeve with water immediately after use, and dry with a towel or by air.

Industry-leading technology

Wifi & Bluetooth smart control, 100% synced with adult movies, endless speed & stroke variations, and ASMR Technology ensure a revolutionizing experience
with mind-blowing orgasms every single time you use The Handy.