Sex Toys for Men

Interactive Sex Toys for Men

The sex toy industry is worth billions of dollars, with an increasing value each and every year. Recently, male sex toys have poached a particularly large share of this market and the options and possibilities have rapidly expanded. There were days when cock-rings and Fleshlights were the only options for men. Not anymore!  We are confident that our adult store will give you a satisfying overview of the excellent combination between sexual toys for men and high-tech.

There is something for everyone at the FeelXVideos online sex store. As experienced enthusiasts of immersive pleasure and sex toys, we brought you the most popular and cutting-edge adult toys on the market right now.

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Sex toys for men for mind-blowing orgasms

Get ready to ditch your standard, solo masturbation sensations for something more powerful and gripping than just your hand! Masturbation has never been more enjoyable with our unique range of sex toys for men, designed to deliver endless hours of pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms. Whether you want to indulge in a little solo-play, or bring your male masturbator into a bedroom with a partner, our full range of adult sex toys will fulfil all your sexual desires.

Learn more about your sexuality

Male sex toys do not just increase pleasure and sexual satisfaction. They also offer an opportunity to explore and navigate your own erogenous zones. Whether you want to explore edging and stamina training, or want to bring male sex toys into the bedroom, male toys can help add a new dynamic to any sex session. Reach also to the FeelXVideos blog where you can learn about interactive porn, solo masturbation and so much more!

Feel the Porn Stars

If you are looking to dip your toes into the world of sex toys for men, more commonly known as “pocket-pussys,” look no further than the FeelStars collection by sex-tech and sex toy manufacturer KIIROO! If you’ve been searching for a way to experience erotic men sex toys that blend realism with texture stimulation, the FeelStars collection is not to be missed. Just like the stars they are modelled on, each tunnel has a complex combination of patterns, noodles, twists and chambers that deliver a range of sensations on your shaft.

Included in the FeelStars collection are a number of famous adult performers and pornstars from all over the world. Check out Feel Apolonia, Feel Britney, Feel Kenzie, Feel Natalia, Feel Nicolette, Feel Rae, Feel Alexis, and Feel Victoria. Each Feel Star has been crafted using cutting-edge technologies and super-soft, hyper realistic material for the ultimate sex-simulation.

Interactive pornographic experiences

Level-up your pleasure by investing in a more interactive and automated experience, such as Svakom’s NEO or The Handy. You can explore interactive possibilities by using either HandyFeeling for The Handy and for KIIROO and Svakom sex toys. Sync with FeelXVideos to feel the action in real-time and let your male masturbator do all the hard work for you. The interactive pornographic experiences become endless!

Play toys with sleeves

Male sex toys focus on penile pleasure by using vibrations and automated thrusts. These are often combined with sleeves that vary in texture, softness, design and intensity. Let sexual simulation take your solo-sessions to the next level when you sync up your play toy to our impressive collection of 4K and POV pornography at

Best sex toys with adult movies

At FeelXVideos, we understand the power that adult sex toys, sex-tech and VR will have to shape the world. We also know exactly how to curate the ultimate sexual stimulation, by combining erotic content with male sex toys. Our selection of pornography includes a fresh pursuit for the best 4K POV porn, so you can really feel like you are part of the action. Let the best sex toys for men automate masturbation and your imagination go to the next level.