TITAN VR Member’s Bundle

  • The Titan is perfect for men who climax to stroking motions and enjoy intense vibrations
  • Connect the TITAN by KIIROO™ to one of over 4,000 interactive videos or to your partners’ device
  • Enjoy the many different modes and speeds that the TITAN masturbator has to offer
  • Feel every movement made by your favorite stars, whether it is in 2D or VR
  • Dive into the hottest interactive virtual reality sex that’s out there
  • Also to be used for the + 4,000 compatible X-rated movies on FeelXVideos.com
  • Buying this bundle, gives you 12 months free access to FeelXVideos.com and 30 days free access to FeelVRPorn.com!

FeelXVideos is the preferred partner of Kiiroo

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$ 566.00

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Get immerged into the most advanced sexual experience available today. Join the Porn in Virtual Reality and feel the action with your very own TITAN automatic masturbator.

The Virtual Reality headset is your gateway into the exciting world of interactive Virtual Reality.

For the first time, you will feel what you see and desire.

An extensive Porn Assortment at your fingertips

Get unlimited access to our exclusive library of over 4000+ high-definition sex videos with your 1 Year Membership on FeelXVideos.

Titan VR interactive stroker masturbator- FeelXVideos

Feel & enjoy porn in the most intense possible way

Unlike ordinary strokers, TITAN lets you stroke at your desired speed while controlling the vibration intensity with the touch-sensitive pads. Bridge the gap between pleasure and technology, at your own pace. Play solo and ramp up those vibrations or go interactive and connect to over 4,000 compatible X-rated movies.


1. GRIP. To avoid your hand slipping

2. TOUCH-SENSITIVE PADS. Control the vibration patterns or control your partner’s device

Titan VR interactive stroker - FeelXVideos

3. REAL-FEEL SLEEVE Soft as the inner canals of your favorite orifice

4. VIBRATING MOTORS 3 rows of bullets that vibrate to your desire


Virtual Reality Headset

  • Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer with this revolutionary VR Headset.
  • Experience the immersive, fun and exciting world of VR.
  • Built with high-quality ABS and 42mm diameter spherical resin lens material, it can minimize the distortion when magnifying the images and providing a wider view.
  • Humanized design: It is also ideal for people with myopia under 600 degrees. You don’t need to wear your glasses while enjoying porn movies.
  • Compatible with most of our interactive male masturbators and VR sex toys. 
  • Fit for: iPhone, Android phones and Windows phones series with screen size between 3.5-6.0 inches.
  • Watch the best porn on FeelXVideos AND FeelVRPorn.

What you get in the box

  • TITAN Masturbator
  • VR Headset
  • 1 x Aqua Premium Water-Based Intimate Lubricant
  • 1 x Pure Premium Toy Cleaner
  • 1 Month Free Access to FeelVRPorn
  • 12 Months Membership Card FeelXVideos

In your order confirmation we’ll send to your email, you’ll find the voucher code of the digital Membership Card in the attachment. You can redeem your voucher code on FeelXVideos.com

You’ll also be able to get 30 days free access to FeelVRPorn.com.

Titan VR Members Bundle - FeelXVideos

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FeelXVideos is the leading platform with the best porn in categories ranging from stepdaughter and teacher roleplays, to gay porn, including many close-up shots.

We are uploading new interactive porn movies every week with world’s most popular porn stars and adult performers to have interaction with. You can also have personalized video recommendations, so you’ll be able to watch your preferred content whenever you are ready. On top of all this, with our customer service we are able to help you with any issue or question you might have.

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FAQs about the 1 Year Membership FeelXVideos

Once you’ve purchased the 1 Year Membership Card on this page, you will receive the digital Membership Card in your inbox. It contains a unique voucher code, which you can redeem on www.feelxvideos.com. Here you can hook up your interactive sex toy and/or VR headset and start enjoying our interactive content!

In your order confirmation we’ll send to your email, you’ll find the voucher code of the digital Membership Card in the attachment. You can redeem your voucher code on FeelXVideos.com

We value your privacy, that’s why your Credit Card statement or PayPal payment will only have “DATOROMEDI” in the description.

FeelXVideos is compatible with any computer, smartphone or tablet that can view video content in a browser.

It is not possible to download interactive video content for offline playback.

Once your membership period ends you can always extend it either by contacting our support team or buying a new membership card.

  • Download the FeelConnect app on your mobile phone and connect your toy or VR Headset to this app. (Read how to do this.)
  • Login to FeelXVideos.com/login through your desktop to connect the FeelConnect App with FeelXVideos.com.
  • Login to FeelVRPorn.com (the site with the best VR Adult Movies!) with your login details through your desktop to connect the FeelConnect App with FeelVRPorn.com. (Please mind the login credentials on this FeelVRPorn are not the same as your login details on FeelXVideos.com.)
  • Go to the FeelConnect App using your mobile phone. Your toy and FeelVRPorn.com should be connected.
  • Put your mobile phone in the VR Goggles and start the video or go to the browser of your VR Goggles and login to FeelVRPorn.com and enjoy the experience.