Premium Lubricants & Cleaner (3 Pack)

Get the best lubricant and cleaners for your interactive sex toys.

Next to our premium water-based intimate lubricant, we offer you the pleasant surprise of playing with temperatures:

  • KIIROO® Pure Premium Toy Cleaner (4oz/120ml)
  • KIIROO® SPARK Premium Warming Lubricant (2oz/60ml)
  • KIIROO® Aqua Premium Water-Based Cooling Lubricant (2oz/ 60ml)

This product is not available in Asia.

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Free Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping & Returns

Premium Lubricants & Cleaners for Interactive Sex Toys

Get the best lubricant and cleaners you can get for your interactive sex toys.

Next to our premium water-based intimate lubricant, we can also offer you the pleasant surprise of playing with temperatures. 

Are you looking to experiment with your alone time? To experience temperature play perhaps? Then our new lube; Artic is for you!

Arctic freezes upon contact and makes your experience a little more icy than it was before.


Lube makes your sex toy experience even more pleasurable. All of our lubricants are paraben-free, latex friendly, vegan, rinse with water and are never sticky or tacky. But most importantly, they’re safe to use with all sex toys.

Try our water-based intimate lubricant now or go for the full package and choose Premium Lubricants & Cleaner 3 Pack. Have you always wondered what it feels like to use a lube that heats with friction? Wonder no more and try the warming lubricant from our collection!


All fun aside, hygiene is important too. That’s why we produced our KIIROO® PURE™ Premium Toy Cleaner. With our sex toy cleaner you can safely clean your sex toys after every use. The spray is easy to use, safe for all sex toy materials, alcohol-free, triclosan-free and anti-bacterial.


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Because our vibrators are coated in 100% medical grade Hygiene Silicone, we recommend using only water-based lubricant with it, as silicone-based lubricants can break down silicone toys. With our male masturbators, we recommend a water-based lubricant to ensure that the sleeve material stays strong and intact.