ONYX+ Replacement Sleeves Tight Fit

The Onyx Replacement sleeve 3- pack – Tight Fit is exactly what you need to use the Onyx masturbator if your the diameter of your penis is smaller than 4 cm. With these tight sleeves, you’ll feel the structures and squeezes perfectly fit around your penis, and get the mind-blown orgasms you’ve always wanted.  So, if you fall a bit smaller than the average recommended size for the Onyx series then the Tight Fit Sleeves are for you.

The optimal penis size for the Onyx+ masturbator is a diameter of 4 to 5 cm. If you’re having a penis size of more than 5 cm in diameter, we recommend you buying another masturbation toy, like the KEON, Titan, or the Handy.


ONYX-REPLACEMENT-SLEEVE-3X-PACK-TIGHT-FIT-FeelXVideos + ONYX™-ONYX2™-ONYX™-REPLACEMENT-SLEEVES-3-FeelXVideos + Onyx interactive masturbator - FeelXVideos
Price for all three: $ 267.90 Save $ 14.10