ONYX™, ONYX2™ & ONYX+™ Replacement Sleeves (3)

These Sleeves are exclusively designed for Kiiroo Onyx’ (1, 2 and +) male masturbator’s Pleasure Core.

The perfect replacement should you need one.
The sleeve texture features a stimulating internal texture and promises an unforgettable squeeze as you thrust forward into its warm and welcoming orifice.
Just place your replacement sleeve inside your Onyx (1, 2 and +) and secure the Grip Clip back in place.

What’s in the box:

3 x Regular Fit Replacement Sleeves

$ 35.00

ONYX™-ONYX2™-ONYX™-REPLACEMENT-SLEEVES-3-FeelXVideos + Onyx interactive masturbator - FeelXVideos
Price for both: $ 234.65 Save $ 12.35