KEON + Feel Skyler Stroker + Arctic Cooling Lube

With this package of the KEON + Feel Skyler Stroker + Arctic Cooling Lube, you’ll feel this bad ass porn star like having real sex with you. Pair this stroker with the Keon masturbator, turn on one of Skyler’s videos, and feel how it is to be with one of the hottest porn stars.

The Skyler Stroker is a molded replica of Skyler’s pussy. You can feel the large and tight rings and different patterns that massage and grip around your penis. Skyler’s stroker gives you exquisite experiences with absolutely explosive orgasms. Especially if you feel the massaging contractions in the middle of the stroker.

Tip: When you buy the Full Package of the Skyler Stroker with the Keon masturbator, you’ll get – next to 2 strokers (the Skyler stroker and the original KEON stroker) – 30 days of free access to our adult movies on The perfect gift for having your personal pleasures with many of our feel stars and adult models!

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KEON + Skyler Stroker + Arctic cooling lube - FeelXVideos + VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET - FeelXVideos + keon-pillow-strap-masturbation-kiiroo-feelxvideos 800x800 + keon-neck-strap-feelxvideos-800x800
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Skyler porn star Keon interactive masturbation - FeelXVideos

Feel Star Skyler Lo - the Californian bike rider who loves sex with older guys

Skyler Lo, aka “5KYL3RL0”, born March 24th, 1994 is a beautiful Californian girl who lives in Texas. She’s 5 feet high and a pretty bad ass bike rider who loves speeding with her impressive collection of motorcycles. One of her fantasies is getting down with someone on her motorcycle…

Skyler also loves sweatpants, mushrooms, and vanilla scented candles. Skyler Lo likes to have sex with older guys and don’t mind having sex in a car when she’s horny – no matter if other people can watch it.

She’s a professional adult performer and a webcammer; you can watch and enjoy her in all kinds of porn, from spank banks, lesbian, solo porn, and group sex. You can watch her with your 30 days free membership on FeelXVideos that you’ll get with the full Skyler KEON package.

The KEON: one of the Best Penis Masturbators on Earth

The KEON is one of the best penis masturbators on Earth today. Not only is this a beautifully clever designed machine, the KEON is a next-gen masturbator and can even be fitted with different ‘sleeves’, including replicas of many famous pornstars. This innovative masturbator offers a wide variety in speed and motion, making sure you experience every interactive video as if you are in action with your favorite stars yourself. This might be the closest experience existing today of having sex with your favorite adult performers!

The KEON & Stroker is the perfect toy if you occasionally want to take the stroker out to use it manually, and if you are interested in trying all kinds of different sleeves, including sleeves built after the anatomy of your favorite porn stars. The KEON truly simulates real sex.

The KEON: A New Standard In Interactive Pleasure

Be one of the first to enter the interactive world with the most powerful automated masturbator for men.

Use it alone or combine it with one of our other products. Our new stroker comes with a high-performance sleeve designed to stimulate every part of your penis with real skin-like texture and sensations.

The KEON Interactive Sex Toy is the solution for your ideal masturbation sessions

Be In Control. Controlling the speed and length of the stroke is at your fingertips with KEON. The tactile buttons make finding the perfect stroke combination as easy as can be

Comfort. KEON's robust design is the perfect shape for the tightest grip. Holding KEON is effortless thanks to the intuitive curves. Indulges in your desires without distractions or limits.

Keon masturbator for men features - FeelXVideos

Ergonomics. Forget the cumbersome and bulky male masturbators of the past. Every detail in KEON's ergonomic design is there to enrich your most intimate moments.

LED Lighting KEON’s elegant lighting system has an instinctive design that reacts responsively to your commands. It provides you real-time information about the connection mode, speed, and battery life.

What makes the KEON masturbator such a good sex toy?

Next to all the reasons we’ve mentioned above, the KEON & Stroker fits any man regardless the penis size. No matter the diameter of your penis, you can find the stroker that fits you perfectly. In our blog “KEON & Feel Stroker & Sizes of Sleeves“, you can find out what stroker fits your penis best. Read this blog and come back to our shop in order to make the right choice of our KEON & Strokers to optimize your masturbation sessions. If you want to make it even more easier and relaxing for you, you can add the Pillow Strap or the Neck Strap to your order. With ordering 3 or more products, you’ll get 10% discount of the total amount (that means, if you would order 3 products, you can have the VR headset for free!)

What you get in the box

  • 1 x original KEON Masturbator
  • 1 x Feel Skyler Stroker by KIIROO
  • 1 x Arctic Cooling Lube
Skyler Stroker Keon masturbator porn star - FeelXVideos

Frequently Asked Questions

VAT is included in most countries where the shipment is DDP (Delivered Duty Paid). This implies that VAT is being covered by us. You as a customer should feel comfortable that the price you pay gives you the product to your home without additional costs.

All orders will be handled when they are received. Hence, it will be shipped same day or the next, depending on the time zone you are in. If you order during the weekend, it will be processed early Monday morning.

The estimated delivery time depends on where you are based, however as a general rule the following shipping time applies:

USA: 2 – 5 days

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Non-European countries: 5 – 10 days

Order dispatch days: Monday to Friday

The shipping box is too large to fit within a regular PO box, so an alternative address or pick-up location is advised. 

Definitely! Your order is packed discretely and the invoicing and shipping documents simply state “Massager”.

Because our vibrators are coated in 100% medical grade Hygiene Silicone, we recommend using only water-based lubricant with it, as silicone-based lubricants can break down silicone toys. With our male masturbators, we recommend a water-based lubricant to ensure that the sleeve material stays strong and intact.

All devices powered by Kiiroo have the ability to sync together through the FeelConnect 3.0 app! Whether you have an Onyx+ and a Pearl2, a Keon with a Titan, or a Fuse with an Esca2, all of our devices have the ability to sync with each other.

Additional Information

Weight 1.3 lbs
Materials ABS, PC, Silicone
Finish 24 VDI + gloss
Size 220x130x146mm
Battery 16,8V 700 mAh
Charging 4 hours
User time 30 min-2 hours depending on usage
Weight 1.1 Kg

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