Guybrator Pulse Solo VR Member’s Bundle

Get the Guybrator Pulse Solo VR Member’s Bundle and enjoy VR Sex at its best! The Guybrator Pulse Solo Interactive makes you cum hands-free.

  • With the Guybrator, you can even enjoy masturbation without erection
  • Dive into the hottest interactive virtual reality sex that’s out there
  • Connect the Pulse Solo Interactive to over 4,000 interactive videos (2D or VR), with your favorite porn stars, or to your partners’ devices from anywhere
  • Use the Guybrator Pulse Solo VR Member’s Bundle for a solo masturbation, while connected with a partner, or while watching adult movies at FeelXVideos
  • For the full VR experience, you can also use the Guybrator with the VR porn movies on
  • Buying this sex toy, gives you 12 months free access to and 30 days free access to!

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Male sex toy that can make you cum hands-free

The HotOctopuss’ Guybrator Pulse Solo Interactive has revolutionized the male masturbation experience. It’s the only sex toy you need for a complete hands-free orgasm — you can even enjoy it without an erection. There’s no need to stroke; just let the PulsePlate Technology do the work.

This multi-award-winning interactive toy connects to over 4,000 2D and VR porn videos, letting you not just see the action but feel it too.

Alternatively, connect it to your long-distance partner’s device to boost intimacy, regardless of the miles between you.

Oh, and it’s waterproof too. Bath time just got a whole lot sweeter.

Use the Guybrator Pulse Solo Interactive VR Pack for a solo masturbation, while connected with a partner, or for interacting with the adult movies at FeelXVideos.

Buying this sex toy, gives you 12 months free access to and 30 days free access to!

Interactive Handsfree Guybrator Pulse Solo masturbator with erection problems- FeelXVideos

Pocket Sized Pleasure Device

Don’t judge this device by its size; it may be small, but it’s certainly mighty. What the PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE lacks in size it makes up in power!

The various pulsation and vibration patterns make for an eye-rollingly great time.

Its waterproof nature and pocket-sized design make it ideal for those who like to travel. And its versatile design means it’s the perfect toy for everyone and anywhere! 


An extensive Porn Assortment at your fingertips

Get unlimited access to our exclusive library of over 4000+ high-definition sex videos with your 1 Year Membership on FeelXVideos.

Perfect sex toy for those with erection problems or for older people who might just like some extra help

PulsePlate Technology™. PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE’s innovative design and PulsePlate™ Technology means there is no need to stroke. Simply sit back and let the PulsePlate™ take you all the way to a hands-free orgasm.

Powerful, high-amplitude oscillations delivered by Hot Octopuss' patented PulsePlate Technology™. This Guybrator™ has the perfect tempo for you with our six tried and tested vibration settings.

Interactive. Connect to your partners' devices from anywhere in the world or connect the Pulse Solo Interactive to one of over 4,000 interactive videos (2D or VR) on a range of different content platforms.

Waterproof. The wetter the better! You can play anywhere you like! In the shower, in the bath? You name it, you can play in it! Or, squeeze on some lube to transform your PULSE into a next-generation male masturbator.


Virtual Reality Headset

  • Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer with this revolutionary VR Headset.
  • Experience the immersive, fun and exciting world of VR.
  • Built with high-quality ABS and 42mm diameter spherical resin lens material, it can minimize the distortion when magnifying the images and providing a wider view.
  • Humanized design: It is also ideal for people with myopia under 600 degrees. You don’t need to wear your glasses while enjoying porn movies.
  • Compatible with most of our interactive male masturbators and VR sex toys. 
  • Fit for: iPhone, Android phones and Windows phones series with screen size between 3.5-6.0 inches.
  • Watch the best porn on FeelXVideos AND FeelVRPorn.

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Guybrator Interactive VR Members Bundle - FeelXVideos

What's in the box

  • KEON Masturbator & KEON Stroker
  • VR Headset
  • Lube & Cleaner (3 pack)
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 Month Free Access to FeelVRPorn
  • 12 Months Membership Card FeelXVideos

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In your order confirmation we’ll send to your email, you’ll find the voucher code of the digital Membership Card in the attachment. You can redeem your voucher code on 

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