Extra True Grip Sleeve for the Handy

* The Handy Sleeve is only available in the USA *

The Original Sleeve for the Handy™: designed for maximum pleasure.

Free Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping & Returns

Choosing the right firmness

Use these flexible sleeves according to your likings

These sleeves differ from the original Handy-sleeve, as these can either be used from the top or bottom hole, which will give a different feeling each. These sleeves, contrary to the original sleeve, can also be flipped inside-out which will be another, more soft, and bumpy feeling.

Easy cleaning
Like you are used to the original sleeve, these sleeves too can be very easily cleaned. Just rinse the sleeve with water immediately after use, and dry with a towel or by air.

With every Handy sleeve a different feeling

The Handy Interactive Masturbator for VR Movies-FeelXVideos

True Grip Sleeve (comes with the Handy)

The Handy™ Original TrueGrip™ Sleeve comes with the Handy and is designed to ensure maximum pleasure. The different inner patterns and flexibility when combined with movements of The Handy, creates the sensation of having a blowjob or having sex like real. The sleeve can also be turned inside out for a less intense, smoother sensation. 

Material: TPE
Firmness: 2/5
Flexibility: 5/5
Length: 4.3 – 4.7 inch
Entrance diameter: 0.86 inch
Usages: 20-40 times

If you’d like to have an extra True Grip Sleeve, go to:

True Grip Replacement Band for the Handy - FeelXVideos

Replacement band for the Handy

Did your Handy Band get damaged? Or do you want a new firm grip? Simply order a new Handy True Grip Replacement Band so you can fully enjoy your Handy again!

We recommend using the sleeves with a lubricant​

Premium Lubricants and Cleaner 3 Pack - FeelXVideos

Premium Lubricant and Cleaner (3-pack)


Premium Warming Lubricant (3-pack)

Lube-arctic-3-pack - FeelXVideos

Premium ARCTIC™ Lubricant (3-pack)

What you get in the box

  • The original Extra True Grip Sleeve for the Handy™

The Handy Interactive Sex Vibrator for VR Porn

Choose your speed. Go as fast or as slow as you like, with speeds up to 10 strokes per second. With our dynamic speed control Handy™ can maintain a speed of your choice - no matter the load.

Control the stroke length. Experience stroke lengths ranging from 0 to an incredible 110mm (0-4,3”). Find your exact sweet spot.

The Handy Interactive Masturbator for VR Movies-FeelXVideos

Adjust the grip. Because Handy™ fits all sizes, pleasure is guaranteed. Adjust the unique TrueGrip system to feel a firm grip, a soft touch, or to whatever feels right for you.

Wifi & Bluetooth smart control. Sync with adult movies. Fits all sizes and shapes. Simple cleaning. Lasts forever without batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Definitely! Your order is packed discretely and the invoicing and shipping documents simply state “Massager”.

No! Handy™ works just as well without an Internet connection. In fact, the basic design is offline performance (Wi-Fi is default off). However, you need to connect the device in order to update the firmware if you would like to improve your Handy™ when new firmware is released. You also need Wi-Fi for online services such as video sync and remote control.

No, you do not need an external device to use Handy™. To use the machine in offline mode you don’t need anything else.

If you want to use the online services (video sync and remote control) you will need a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet to configure your Handy™.

With the release of the latest Handy firmware, the Handy now uses Bluetooth and the Handy Connect app (for iOS and Android) to configure Wi-Fi. However, no local Bluetooth Handy controls are available at this moment.


Yes, it can. Handy™ has Wi-Fi and can be remote controlled through the internet! Simply give your Connection Key to your partner, then he or she can go to our website and control your Handy™!

  1. Make sure you have the latest firmware.
  2. Unpower the Handy™
  3. Move the slider (the part where you attach the sleeve) to around center of the machine. 
  4. Power the machine.
  5. If this doesn’t work please contact us at info@feelxvideos.com