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Feel Star Rae Lil Black Collection

The Feel Rae Lil Stroker is one of our most intense sleeves. The tunnel is a perfect combination of stimulation and softness. Use with your KEON sex toy for the ultimate automatic masturbation experience with Kiiroo’s Feel Star Rae Lil Black or use it while playing with your long distance relationship.
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Our KEON with Rae Lil Black Collection

We have different compositions to enjoy Kiiroo’s Feel Star Rae Lil Black. With the most extensive composition you are immediately ready for a very pleasant experience.

#1 The Basic package
The basic package includes the Feel Star Stroker only. So, you’ll get the tight, penis-gripping sleeve without the automatic, hands-free masturbator. This package is perfect when you already have a KEON masturbator and want to feel and experience different Feel Stars.

#2 The Medium package
Our medium package is where things really get exciting. It’s simply irresistible (even if we do say so ourselves). You receive: the KEON masturbator,  a Feel Star Sleeve of Rae Lil Black,  a bottle of premium cooling lube.

#3 The Full package
Finally, you can go all-out and purchase the full package: the KEON masturbator,  the Original KEON stroker, a Feel Star Sleeve of Rae Lil Black, Premium cooling lube, PLUS: a 30-day free membership to FeelXVideos, allowing you to connect the KEON to your favorite video and feel the onscreen action.

What is a stroker?

The stroker is – in this case – a replica of Rae Lil’s vulva. Using it, feels like having real sex with Rae Lil Black. For optimized stimulation, the stroker has a hot ribbed pattern, and feels nice and tight around your penis.  

In comparison with our other feel star strokers, Rae Lil’s stroker is not too tight and not too wide:

optimal diameter 2 – 4.5 cm/ 0.7 – 1.7 inch
total length: 22 cm/ 8.6 inch
tightest diameter: 1.4 cm/ 0.6 inch
largest diameter: 2.4 cm/ 0.9 inch
opening slit height: 3.5 cm/ 1.4 inch

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Interactive masturbation with your favorite porn star

Feel like it is to have sex with your favorite porn star. At FeelXVideos you can not only buy your sex toy, but also a membership for a wide variety of interactive adult movies. In one go you are ready to connect your masturbator with our collections of porn stars. Having the KEON masturbator, the popular KEON sleeve, and the stroker of your hot porn star will give you the ultimate interactive sex experiences.

Get to know Feel Star Rae Lil Black

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Meet Rae Lil Black

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Meet our Feel Stars

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